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Youth Participation in Decision-Making Processes

Cambodia’s youth have a right to participate in the political life of their country. In order to realize its potential, it is essential that youth are encouraged, and have the ability, to engage productively in decision-making processes at all levels of government and village leadership.

Youth have an opportunity to be a force for a better, more equitable, and more sustainable future for Cambodia. The challenges are immense but the choices are clear. Young people can maintain the status quo and be passengers on the journey into Cambodia’s future or, with leadership and encouragement, they can pioneer actions to change the mindsets and behaviours of the next generation, and put a stop to the parasitic culture of corruption which continues to fester and spread.

The sizeable membership base of the KYA (4,752 members as of December 2012) presents a clear opportunity for youth to make a significant contribution in efforts to advocate for greater transparency and improved practices of good governance.

This opportunity is further enhanced by KYA’s proven ability to create and maintain Community-based Youth Networks (CYNs) in rural areas.

KYA is therefore strategically placed, at both the national and sub-national level, to advocate on behalf of youth for greater transparency and better practices of governance. KYA also plays an important role in enabling youth to take a range of actions that will promote greater youth participation in civic and political decision- making processes, especially in the rural areas, that can also lead towards more transparent governance and the enjoyment of human rights by all.

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