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Youth Employment Opportunities
Numerous focus group discussions and research reports provide evidence that unemployment is arguably the priority concern for youth in Cambodia today. As a clearly expressed priority concern for youth, KYA has a responsibility to take action on behalf of Cambodian youth.

KYA is in fact well placed to make strategic contributions to efforts to address youth unemployment. KYA plays a strategically important role in advocating for policy changes that will proactively address the skills mismatches between the supply of and demand for labour. 

Access to relevant labour market information is an essential element in enabling youth to make the correct choices in terms of education, training, and employment. Labour market information can also play a role in helping youth to understand their human rights in the workplace. In this regard, KYA provides access to relevant labour market information and works to increase awareness on safe migration and human trafficking. 

A 2010 report from the World Bank revealed that employers have identified ‘soft skills’ as the most important skills lacking in most employees. Soft skills include communication, discipline, conflict resolution, responsibility, self-motivation, and adaptability. KYA, in strategic partnership with other relevant technical agencies, has the ability to help design and deliver employment relevant soft skills training to rural and urban youth. These training inputs could have a positive impact on the future employability of job-seeking youth.

KYA's objectives in terms of youth employment opportunities can be summarized as follows:
  • To conduct advocacy to influence policy changes to the education and vocational training systems that could improve secondary school retention rates and reduce the prevalence of skills mismatches in the labour market.
  • To advance young people’s understanding of the world of work through improved access to relevant labour market information, including awareness-raising on labour migration, current vacancies, vocational training and further education opportunities, labour legislation, and rights and responsibilities in the workplace.
  • To enable job-seeking youth to increase their employability through trainings on the soft skills demanded by employers.
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