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Improved Social Well-Being and Youth Engagement in Human Rights and Sustainable Development
Youth continue to identify a variety of human rights issues as matters of priority concern for their development. Human rights include access to information and freedom of choice on sexual reproductive health. Gender equality is also a human rights issue of priority concern to young people, as is education on general health matters to support their efforts towards more healthy lifestyles with less dependence on smoking, alcohol consumption, or the use of illicit drugs.

The realisation of human rights extends to the inclusiveness of youth who may, for one reason or another, feel they are outside the mainstream of society in Cambodia, and are therefore excluded or discriminated against to varying degrees.

Regarding human rights and gender equality, action is necessary to help improve youth relationships based on understanding and mutual respect, and towards a more equal share of roles in decision-making on household and family planning matters. Gender- based violence, usually against women, is an extreme expression of underlying gender inequalities that unfortunately remain prevalent in some areas of Cambodia today.

Youth in Cambodia are concerned about their human rights regarding their future environment and natural resources. KYA is strategically placed to have a positive influence on education and advocacy for youth with regard to practices that will have a negative effect on their natural environment.

The nature of youth enables them to be active agents for positive change for a better future for all citizens of Cambodia, and beyond national borders into the ASEAN region. With carefully targeted support and encouragement, this potential could be nurtured into action that will promote the practice of sustainable development, with a specific focus on environmental issues.

  • To enhance the knowledge and understanding of youth, particularly adolescents and rural youth, of their human rights relating to sexual reproductive health.
  • To educate and encourage youth, and particularly male youth and youth in rural areas, to understand and respect the human rights of young women, with a specific focus on behavioural change to reduce the acceptance of any form of gender-based violence.
  • To promote healthy and safe lifestyles for youth, and to raise awareness among youth of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • To empower youth to be agents advocating for environmental protection and sustainable development, including specific actions to manage natural resources and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
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